Meet The Staff

Sherry Sutton-Curtiss

Sherry Sutton-Curtiss has practiced as a speech language pathologist since 1995.  She graduated at the top of her class at Appalachian State University with a Masters Degree in Communication Disorders and an undergraduate degree in 1993 from the University of NC Greensboro in speech language pathology and audiology.  She holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech Hearing Language Association. She has a reputation as a leader in her profession holding numerous positions in state and national associations including past president of the NC Speech Hearing Language Association, past president of the NC Association of Supervisors in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology, and past president of the Council of State Speech Language and Hearing Associations.  She has been the invited guest speaker at many state and national functions for swallowing disorders, adult language disorders, advocacy, and leadership.  She was the first speech language pathologist in NC to achieve her board recognized swallowing specialty in 2007 to 2012, including training in pediatric swallowing.  In 2011, Sherry was awarded the Honors of the NC Speech Hearing Language Association, the highest award.   She loves being a speech language pathologist and is passionate about giving every customer her best.   "Katherine and I went into business to be able to work through time, financial, and location barriers that had at one time limited us from providing the best services to our patients.  We took a leap of faith knowing with our hard work, the reward would be to help those who need the expert resources we provide, treating each person with the integrity and special care they deserve."

Katherine Churchill

Growing up in upstate New York as a child, Katherine Churchill was not home until she moved to North Carolina to pursue her bachelors degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders at East Carolina University, graduating with a master's degree in 2008.  Best known by her colleagues as having the strongest work ethic unsurpassed, she prides herself in a profession that allows her to help patients achieve what they are already capable of but would not be able to without a solid foundation of assessment and therapeutic planning bundled in team work, advocacy, a holistic approach, and that something extra special that she gives each patient she touches with her warm personality and intellectual prowess.  Early in her career, she was identified as a young leader in speech language pathology by the NC Speech Hearing Language Association.   She is passionate about swallowing disorders and has special interest in the esophagus and how it affects the overall function of safe and comfortable eating and drinking.  Additionally, she has experience with complex medical patients including those who are ventilator dependent and who require tracheostomy.  Katherine is admired for how efficiently she can manage complex medical speech language pathology cases without compromising excellent bedside manner and patient confidentiality.   She made the move from being the lead therapist in an acute care hospital facility in eastern NC where she trained students and new therapists to being in partnership for Sutton and Churchill because she felt led to bring what was being delivered to a small population to a greater population of patients in need of services throughout central and eastern NC, a place that has become her permanent home.

Our mission:


Participation in and advocacy for quality of life for those patients we serve is our passion. Expert delivery of service is our commitment to every customer. We aim to be the best at speech language pathology because the best matters when it comes to healthcare needs related to speaking, thinking, eating, and drinking. We are in the business of making our services accessible to rural and urban areas, not compromising efficiency, bed side manner, and information you can understand and apply. In essence, with Sutton and Churchill, you get the total package of information that addresses the holistic needs of the patient in a concise, timely, and fiscally responsible manner.

Our vision:

We want every patient and customer to have that unique feeling of being the most important person when working with our team. Communication and swallowing are an integral part of quality of life, and to facilitate function and realistic expectations is a privilege that we do not take for granted. We believe that what we do is a gift, and we take pride to practice in a profession that can be a voice for people when they have lost theirs, can set functional goals to see patients become the most independent communicators to meet their everyday needs and wants, can advocate ethically for comfort at the end of life, and can see those dependent on feeding tubes return to normal eating and drinking. We commit to going the extra mile for each and every customer who utilizes our services. It is our consummate vision to treat every customer as if you were our own family.

What you can expect:

  • 22 years of clinical and professional expertise in speech language pathology with a special passion for helping patients who have difficulty swallowing
  • Commitment that can be trusted to find answers or appropriate referral sources in complex situations affecting communication independence and swallowing comfort
  • A team approach to meeting the needs of the customer affordably without losing sight of the patient as the center focus